Tips for Your Youtube Channel

Everyone can agree that Facebook and Twitter can be incredibly powerful tools for expanding your business. Most people might even agree that videos are more likely to be shared than links or status updates, but then how come more people aren’t paying attention to YouTube?
Over half of Internet traffic, today is from videos, and those numbers are only rising. Old Spice was able to increase their web traffic 300% and created 106% year/year sales increase for the month off of just their YouTube campaign.

Video’s are also improving SEO!

Granted Google is constantly changing their algorithms, but videos are 53 times more likely than text pages to appear on the front page of search results. There’s no better way to create a quick and spreadable voice for your brand than through a video and with YouTube, now that it’s the second largest search engine you are going to want to join in.

Some things to remember when making your video, content creates shares. You hear this all of the time, but, what does good content look like?
First of all, I think it’s always good when you’re starting out to have a pen and paper handy when watching YouTube videos. When you laugh at a video, write down what made you laugh and why it made you laugh. Create your analytics. It’s also important to line this up with your demographic.

If you’re not in your demographic, then find people who are and have them do this exercise, whatever it takes to give you an idea of what your audience wants to see, do it!

Don’t get frustrated.

A YouTube channel, like anything else, takes the time to build. A lot of people tend to get frustrated with their social media pages when they don’t progress as fast as they want them too. Just remember, if it were easy, everyone would be doing it. Good pages take time and hard work. It’s difficult for a reason.

Ideally, you want to be doing a video a week, but the quality is always more important than quantity. Don’t produce a bunch of low-quality videos expecting a million views, make sure whatever video you post is done well and parallels your brand. Here’s a list of my top ten essential things that you can be doing with every video to make sure they’re navigational, informative, and entertaining.

Have your other social media links in your video.

At the very end of your video announce that you have a Facebook and Twitter or whatever other sites you have and have links pop up as annotations that they can click on that will take them to your sites. Now you’re building up all of your sites at the same time.

Make the first 30 seconds count.

Comments and engagement are really importantAs of right now a “view” is counted after the video had been watched for 30 seconds. You’ll notice that the major YouTube channels (RayWilliamJohnson) will start their 5-minute videos with a 30-second clip that keeps you watching at least for long enough to get a view from you. Then after 30 seconds links to other things will probably start appearing so they can pull you to other videos to get more views!

Make videos that link to each other.

You’re able to create automated tabs that you can put links to other sites in your video once you’ve uploaded it to YouTube, use these. Towards the end of your video and all throughout have links to other videos of you or your product that keep people on your channel and viewing. It’s also good to make sure that you are using good titles in your annotations. Captivate your audience and pull them in your second video but make sure to wait 30 seconds to do so or you won’t get the view!

Apply for a partnership!

You’re used to paying for advertisements well now you can make money off of them! Once you have posted enough original content and have been driving viewers towards it, you can apply for a partnership with YouTube. The tricky thing that will hopefully change soon is that YouTube doesn’t start monetizing your videos until they’ve been up for a few days, the time frame where you get most of your views. This means you’ll be missing out on a big portion of your paycheck. There are several middle man companies that can get ads on your videos right off the bat, but some of them are immoral and can get you into a lot of trouble so be sure to do your homework!

There are a lot of rumours about how much you can make off of ads on your videos.

First, let me warn you too much advertisement can turn loyal fans away. As a partner, you get to pick what ads you run on your videos and how many you run, the more ads, the more money per view. How much you get paid is a tricky mess. It depends on the year and marketing patterns.

Back to school and the Christmas holiday season you’ll make about three times more on ads than you would during the summer or spring. Typically, as a very general statement, original content posted will make twice as much as material involving copyrighted content such as a cover or a song owned by a label or using licensed music in the background of your video. If you can, always make your videos 100% original content. Again this is something you only have to worry about once you’re a partner.

Have introductions to your videos.

Even if it’s just a short snippet or a simple graphic you can make. I see a lot of videos that go straight into someone talking, and it can always be a nice branding touch if you can get a fun, quick graphic that people identify with. Philip Defranco has done a great job of this as he uses his intro video to sell shirts and posters!

Use as high quality as you can on your videos.

10% of YouTube videos are now in HD. If you’re doing behind the scenes footage or customer uploads, then you don’t need the best picture, but if you’re going to be posting webisodes or commercials you’re going to want to make sure you do it right. This is where your notes can come in handy. How were the videos you liked edited? How were the ones you didn’t like edited? Just ask yourself after you’ve watched a video what made them funny? Was it dialogue, situational, relationships, slapstick humour, or maybe a powerful message? Just always remember to keep your demographic in mind and make sure you’re appealing to them.

Make your videos relatable.

Channel and video rentention is key

Channel and video rentention is key

This is your opportunity to show why people should buy or use your product. This will appeal to your main demographic and existing customers. Another thing to do to branch out is to incorporate other things into your videos such as current events, trends, music, comedy sketches, and anything else that’s being widely searched on YouTube and Google. If you can get your video on the front page of something everyone’s searching, your view count will skyrocket.

Again, remember your audience.

If you’re selling men’s cologne you don’t want to be making videos with a Demi Lovato soundtrack and kittens, you may get millions of views, but none of them will be interested in your product. Use your tags wisely at the bottom, tag all the relatable things to your video’s content. Don’t just throw out popular words people see that as spamming and you don’t want to start your online reputation off in a negative way.

Keep it short.

The longer the video, the more likely people will close it out before finishing. Only 50% of viewers will watch a video all the way until the end, and if you can get them to watch it a second time then that’s even better, the more views, the better! From what I’ve experienced 1 to 3 minutes is a good range to follow but again content is always going to be more important than time. If you have phenomenal content for 10 minutes that will always beat out 1 minute of emptiness, I’m just saying maybe think about breaking down those ten phenomenal minutes into ten phenomenal minute long videos. More views!

Track YouTube analytics.

You can follow all of your YouTube analytics on; you can search your site name and make it your home page! Figure out when you’re getting views and where your fans are. This will help you decide which time of day to start posting videos. There are a lot of rumours amongst the best time to post, and it truly depends on your product. As for the YouTube day from what I’ve seen it starts at midnight Hawaiian time, so 3 am PST.

This may not seem like a big deal yet but once you get your channel going, and you start pulling views it will become very handy! It’s also good to make sure your page has at least three solid videos portraying you, your company, or your product. One video doesn’t look nearly as professional or serious as 3 AND YouTube is a lot like Pringles in that once you pop you just can’t stop! There are over 3 billion views on YouTube every day, and the average person doesn’t watch just one video so be sure to have something for them to go to once they finish your first video!

There’s a lot more to YouTube than just what you see here, and YouTube itself is consistently changing its algorithms and methods so feel free to ask any questions you like on our Facebook page or leave a comment here on our blog, and we’ll do our best to answer them!

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