Instagram Shopping opens in France and eight other countries.

Instagram Shopping opens in France and eight other countries.

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Instagram launches today its new offer for brands, Instagram Shopping. On the program, the possibility to tag products and integrate outgoing links, among others.

Instagram Shopping

With its 800 million monthly users, Instagram, despite its exceptional popularity and the attractiveness it arouses in many brands, remains a problematic universe for some companies to grasp, because of its “closed cup” side.

But the game could well change. After having launched and tested it for a year on the American market, the social network dedicated to photography launched its new Instagram Shopping offer in eight new countries, including France, on 20 March.

To understand the approach, which could well provoke a new rush of brands, Instagram, through Julie Pellet, Head of Development France and Southern Europe, puts some figures and data into perspective. Instagram attracts five hundred million daily users, mainly motivated to be connected to their friends and network, with very strong passions and interests. One of the main characteristics of the network is that it brings together many celebrities and allows its members to connect with companies and brands. Eighty percent of the community is already connected to at least one of the 25 million brands present on Insta, of which two million are advertisers. A very strong relationship with brands since two hundred million people visit a company profiles every day, two-thirds of whom are not followers of the said company.

Instagram Shopping will make mobile shopping easier

Instagram ShoppingLaunched today in eight new countries (France, UK, Canada, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia, and Brazil), Instagram Shopping offers the possibility to tag products and post outbound links to directly purchase the products in question on the brand’s website. Remember that to date, the only possibility to insert a link in Instagram content concerns only stories and is reserved exclusively for profiles with more than ten thousand followers.

With Instagram Shopping, the American network aims to improve the customer experience, make shopping easier by reducing the number of clicks and allow users to discover new products by adding tags. With this new feature, Instagram wants to give more time and information about a product, and therefore more attention to the buyer.

A matured launch with partner brands

Instagram worked confidentially with several brands to refine its offer and prepare this launch, including Clarins, Birchbox, La Redoute, Sephora and Le Slip Français. The offer currently only concerns physical products and will only target “organic” shopping without the possibility of boosting visibility by paying. It will be necessary to have a company account, to have a product catalog linked on Facebook, or with a partner like Shopify or Google. Then it will be enough to link Instagram shopping to its product catalog. Then, as we can tag a person, we can tag a product. Brands that use Instagram Shopping will have a Shop tab on their profile, and this will not be limited to the news feed.

According to Julie Pellet, the US experience has led to an increase in traffic on the brands concerned, as well as an improvement in the conversion rate. However, Instagram has no figures to report to support this indication.

Who would have thought only eight small years ago that the modest application of sharing filtered photos would become in a few years one of the most powerful e-commerce platforms of internets? The power of the image, again and again.