Google and Twitter also banning Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies ads

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With the many adventures around Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, many web giants are adopting a cautious stance. After Facebook, it is the turn of Twitter and Google to provide for the banning of ads around cryptocurrencies.

Google and Twitter change the rules of the game. A few days apart, the two giants of the web announce that they will ban advertising on crypto-currencies. Terrible blow for Bitcoin?

Google has just updated its policy related to advertising services and decides to prohibit all advertising directly or indirectly affecting crypto-currencies. It includes buying currencies, but also advertising for portfolios and investment advisors, as announced by Scott Spencer, director of Google’s advertising division.

This means that when it comes into effect in June 2018, companies with “legitimate” offers will not be allowed to serve ads through Google advertising services, including AdWords, a service widely used by websites and blogs around the world.

bitcoin ads banned

Same position on the side of Twitter, which makes an identical decision. The social network plans to ban ads targeting the cryptomarkets as a whole. Information reported by Sky News, which indicates that Twitter is also changing its advertising policy in this direction, for implementation within two weeks. These new rules would be applied globally, in the same way as Google.

These series of measures opposing the democratization of cryptocurrencies are intended to protect Internet users from the various scams and other risky and irresponsible behavior reported in the past months. Many have relied on the Bitcoin outbreak to hope to earn money, and if it is true that some have become rich, there are many more losers. Web giants, therefore, prefer to adopt a cautious stance, as Facebook did last month.