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Internal Linking is the Bread and Butter of On-page SEO!

Internal Linking is the Bread and Butter of On-page SEO!

Posted by on Sep 6, 2016 in Online Marketing | Comments Off on Internal Linking is the Bread and Butter of On-page SEO!

t doesn’t matter what your opinion is on links; the fact is they’re a major element that can influence a site’s position for better or worse. There are two types of links that help with this, internal and external. For this first segment, we’ll be focusing on just internal linking.

What are internal links?

adding link using wordpress cms

Adding link using wordpress CMS

Internal links are the surprise, links that point from one page on a website to another page on the same internet site. Do you have the main navigation?

Congratulations you’ve also got internal links. But those are site-wide, meaning visible from every page. Any pages that are deeper in the site will most likely not be linked to from every page and will need some help in getting some visibility. There are a few things you can do, one is to add more internal links to them so individuals and search engines viewing your site will find them, the other is to build external links to them. But we’re talking internal linking for now. We’ll get to external links in a bit.

Why are internal links necessary?

First off, they help users and search engines find content deeper in your site. Having the main navigation, and even sub navigation is great, but chances are you’ve got content deeper than 2-3 pages on your site. These deeper pages in the site (the ones that most likely have detailed product information) aren’t linked to sitewide and need some visibility.

In addition to getting more visibility, linking to internal pages is a way of telling the search engines which pages have valuable information users would want to look at. Think of internal linking as a way of saying “Here are the pages on our site we feel important and valuable to potential customers”. And just like we’ll learn with external linking, it’s important to use a variety of anchor text and use them within the related content.

Internal links also help in structuring the information architecture of a site.

How and when do you use them?

categorie tiered linking

Categorie tiered linking

So you’ve got internal pages that need some exposure. What’s the best way to link to them internally? Well, there are a few ways:

One way is to link to those pages from a blog post. The best example I always refer to when explaining internal linking in a blog post is Outspoken Media. The content flows makes sense, and never comes across as spammy. If you want to do the same, when you add some internal links in blog posts the links have to make sense, both as a reference and grammatically.

Another way is to do what I referenced in the previous section, is to mention that page from another page. For example, if your site has product pages it would be a good idea to add a section below the focused product on that page called “related products”. In that section, you would link to the products/services that are relevant to the product/service on the initial page.

One more way to make use of internal links is to link to other pages mentioned in a summary page.

For example, if your site didn’t have a sub navigation page the summary of services or products page for that section of the site would be a good way to link to more relevant services or products found elsewhere on your site.

Another possibility is to run a contest. Now I’ll admit, this can also take on multiple avenues of promotion, but if you’re company is running a contest and pushing it socially, buying ads and even pushing a link building campaign to promote it, you should also be linking to it and the correlating pages internally. It’s awesome to run a contest and gain more visitors or consumers, but you also want to drive that traffic to particular pages while they are on the site. People and search engines follow links, so if you’ve got the content or product on your site, link to it!

A few things to keep in mind

Now, before you go adding links, there are a few items to watch out for.

One, don’t over-saturate a page with links. Whether the links are internal or external doesn’t matter. There’s no reason to add links to a page for the sake of adding links. If it makes sense add the link, if not don’t. Do you need to add some links to a page to link to other pages? Write some new content that is about the content on that page as well as to the page you’re about to add the link to.

Pages overrun with links not only distract users from digesting the content, but they can also cause topical dilution. A big contributor to this is the “related” link section seen on many websites. Retail sites are notorious for this. You saw the while browsing a particular product or section of a website below the main content is a “related products” with links to some products that are related while others aren’t quite as in the same category. It can be effective when used properly, just make sure the items being pulled to be shown as “related” help strengthen the focus of the page/section of the site rather than take away from it.

What are some tools to help?

If your site is big enough or is growing in that direction, you’ll need some help in keeping track of the links. The last thing you want to run into is a bunch of broken links.

Here are a few tools we use:

Broken Link Checker for WordPress

This plugin scans your WordPress site on a regular basis to check for broken links. When it finds an error it notifies you by email; it also has a counter at the dashboard that will display the number of broken links you’ll see when you log in.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool

There are two types of downloads of this nifty tool. The first one is the free version, which scans up to 500 URI, and the paid version which removes the limit providing a tonne of data. You can use the free version and scan areas of your site by entering in the section of the site you want to look at, but in my opinion, its well worth the purchase. If you don’t want to buy it, that’s okay; there is a tool out there that will scan the entire site without any limits for free.

Xenu Link Sleuth

This tool will scan your entire site report back status codes of pages and show you what pages the links are on. I’ll admit, the user interface isn’t nearly as clean as the Screaming Frog tool, but it gets the job done.

These tools are merely tools. They can’t do the job for you. After you’ve cleaned up, any broken links go through the site yourself or have someone else do it.

Ask them if the links within the content make sense. Internal links are roadmaps to the content within your site, plain and simple. But they’re also only part of the puzzle when it comes to moving your way up in the search results.

Additional video:

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Civilian Drone Usage is Booming!

Civilian Drone Usage is Booming!

Posted by on May 24, 2016 in Technology | Comments Off on Civilian Drone Usage is Booming!

Drones have a long history of military use and development. However, these unmanned aerial vehicles have made their way into the civilian sector. The introduction of drones into the private sector has been a source of controversy as to their legality, regulation and various safety concerns. Despite these concerns, unmanned aircrafts have provided many opportunities to civilians in the areas photography, recreation, science, security and search and rescue.


DJI Inspire drone in flightOne of the benefits of uavs is their ability to get into areas and heights that a human may have limited access to, or that may pose a physical threat or danger. The use of drones in photography/videography opens up a wide array of shot locations and angles not accessible to most photographers previously. These include aerial shots, for example. With the use of the drone, aerial shots of cities, crowds, and nature can be taken by any photographer/videographer. Another example of the drone’s use by photographers/videographers is in the documentation of disasters, natural or otherwise. Drones have been used to catch images and videos inside the long abandoned nuclear disaster city if Chernobyl. While the area is not safe for human access, a remotely piloted aircraft system can penetrate the area and minimise health risks. Drones are also able to get into places in nature that are not possible to humans. They can scale cliffs, waterfalls, archaeological sites, and so forth for amazing images that would otherwise not be possible.


While unmanned aerial vehicles often conjure up images of rough and tough military use, to the everyday civilian hobbyist and aviation aficionado, drones are mainly high-tech model aeroplanes. Flying drones by civilians are used as a source of recreation, relaxation, hobby and past-time A simple internet search will show drones for hobbyist ranging from several hundred to tens of thousands of dollars. Droning clubs, online forums and magazines exist for hobbyists to research and discuss drone technology, flying, and maintenance and repair.

Science and Research

Drones have proved to be valuable in many aspects of science and research. One of the more prominent areas of research drones have a had a major impact on includes weather and meteorology. Drones have the ability to fly into storms, specifically hurricanes, and measure data throughout different heights and locations in the storm. The drone can collect data from a hurricane while it is still out at sea. Remotely piloted aircraft systems have also been used for research in wildlife management, wildlife migration patterns, and pollution monitoring.


Drones are being used for civilian and commercial monitoring and security. Uav’s can cover a large area and can be used for home security, commercial security and livestock monitoring. Law enforcement also uses drones for surveillance to aid in preventing and solving potential crimes.

Search and Rescue

The area of search and rescue has greatly benefited from the ability to use drones in the quest to find and rescue lost civilians. The unmanned aerial vehicle can cover a far greater area than a human team on foot, and it can search more efficiently and pervasively than aeroplanes or helicopters. The uav can fly through inclement weather and also lower through trees, cliffs and canyons, or areas that have been damaged via flood, avalanche or fire. Drones are also able to locate lost swimmers more quickly using thermal technology, and can even drop a life-preserver to the swimmer in need.

Drones currently serve many promising uses to civilians. Being an active focal point research and technological development, drones will continue to play an integral part in civilian lives in the areas of photography, recreation, science, security, search and rescue and with new uses and purposes continuing to emerge.

Follow Quadricopters news through Amateurs de Drones – La Communauté française du Drone and on their Twitter Account!

Make sure you follow your local rules!

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Quick Things to Know about Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages

Posted by on Mar 26, 2016 in Online Marketing | Comments Off on Quick Things to Know about Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages

With a huge chunk of search queries coming from mobile devices, it was a matter of time that search algorithms would be tweaked in that direction. You may have been hearing a lot about Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages, but what’s the hoopla all about? Let’s talk about that and some singular elements that need attention.

What’s Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages?

Google vs Facebook, the war is onGoogle introduced accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP in October 2015, which is an accessible framework that will allow creating pages that would load swiftly on mobiles and tablets. All of these started when Facebook came up with Instant Articles, which allowed hosting content in a faster way on its infrastructure for faster access on mobile devices. However, Google took its time to come with AMP, which is intended to be the ultimate open-source initiative for easy mobile content publishing.

Here’s a quick definition:

This past October, Google announced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), a very accessible framework for creating fast-loading mobile web pages. The open-source initiative is designed to enable publishers to easily improve speed (and consequently, the user experience) for their mobile readership without sacrificing any ad revenue that they may rely upon.
Although experienced developers can often achieve similar results through intensive performance optimizations, publishers often neglect this due to resource constraints. AMP allows these optimizations to be easily achieved without altering the primary mobile web experience. SearchEngineLand

Time Calling For AMP

Now, Apple (With Apple News) and Facebook started the initiative, and by time, Google is a tad behind. However, it is essential to understand why Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages is essential.
1.    Firstly, mobile pages on many CPU-constrained devices are taking ages to load. Constant ads further burden the experience, and many users don’t have fast access to Wi-Fi, which does impact the overall viewing experience.
2.    Secondly, most of the responsive design elements do tend to be heavy when checked on mobile. No matter the skills of the developer, it may be hard to make browsing as smooth on mobiles with the same design as compared to desktop.

While most responsively designed websites look fine on screens of all sizes, they often contain a lot of the baggage of desktop websites when viewed on mobile. When Paul Irish did a performance audit of Reddit, he discovered that a great deal of the overhead could be traced back to an asset called SnooIcon, the Reddit mascot rendered in SVG so that it could be animated (by a third-party library, meaning more overhead) on mouseover — not a situation in which assets frequently find themselves on mobile devices. SmashingMagazine

How does AMP Work?

Pretty obvious, Google just wants to better mobile viewing experience with Accelerated Mobile Pages, but how does it work? In the simplest words, AMP is like a subcategory to HTML, which will only have very little JavaScript components. The focus is more on creating HTML readable content than interactive content. Also, you are not allowed to use third-party JavaScript, and all form elements are gone.  Here’s a quick take.

So as Will said, it’s like a diet HTML. So certain tags of HTML you just can’t use. Things like forms, that are out. You also need to use a streamlined version of CSS. You can use most of CSS, but some parts are falling under best practice and they’re just not allowed to be used. Then JavaScript is basically not allowed at all. You have to use an off-the-shelf JavaScript library that they provide you with, and that provides things like lazy loading.
So the idea is that the whole platform is designed just for pure readability, pure speed. Things such as images don’t load until they’re scrolled into view, and the JavaScript does all that for you. We anticipate they’re going to be at the point where the JavaScript library is built into certain operating systems so you don’t even need that either. And then all of this is designed to be really heavily cached so that Google can host these pages, host your actual content right there, and so they don’t even need to fetch it from you anymore. Moz.com

How to start with AMP?

get started with google accelerated mobile pagesThere are always a few things that are considered to be standard implementations to any page. The list includes forms, comment sections and query sheets. These things cannot be a part of AMP. So, developers will have to create two versions of every article page – one with all features, and another for AMP. There is also a strong need to understand the use of images and multimedia, which has an enormous impact on the mobile viewing experience.

It is also likely that you will have to rewrite your site template to accommodate the restrictions. For example, all CSS in AMP must be in-line and be less than 50KB. Due to loading-intensiveness of custom fonts, they must be loaded using a special amp-font extension, in order to better control that loading.
Multimedia must be handled specially. For example, images need to utilize the custom amp-img element and must include an explicit width and height. (When converting a legacy website to an AMP template, this can be a major pain if the width and height attributes aren’t already being used). Additionally, if your images are animated GIFs, you need to use the separate amp-anim extended component. SearchEngineLand

Final word

Now, AMP is different from Facebook Instant Articles and Apple News, for the fact that it doesn’t work like a standalone app but tends to focus on web-based experience. Instead of focusing on interactive patterns, AMP leans towards performance, which may help it, surpass the other two giants in a short time.

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Conversion Rate Optimization and Why Your Should Use It

Conversion Rate Optimization and Why Your Should Use It

Posted by on Feb 25, 2016 in Online Marketing | Comments Off on Conversion Rate Optimization and Why Your Should Use It

Conversion rate optimization is valuable for those companies which have marketable products and services but have no marketing resources to market the products on a large scale. Conversion rate experts will help your business a lot as they determine the high value of your company needs.

Some of the things included in conversion rate optimization are

-Direct response copy writing which include squeeze pages, direct response sales tools and landing pages which prompt your visitors to action.
-Credibility tools include endorsements, testimonials, and media mentions to increase trust with your customers.
-Call to action is used to prompt the visitors to take action.

They can advise their clients on how they can increase email campaign conversions by simply changing the title. Conversion rate optimization may also include creating multiple landing pages, altering the layout of the website, and interpreting data for marketing.

Conversion rate optimization has led to the success of many businesses online. Many website owners wonder why their websites are not very successful as they predicted. The best thing to do when you find yourself in this situation is to use conversion rate optimization technique.

Only a simple conversion rate optimization trick can increase customer reputation and build an instantaneous reputation.

Influencing real time decisions

Another thing that makes conversion rate optimization stand out is its ability to make a real time decision.

Web conversion experts can provide some insight on how you can use a low-cost computerized system which automatically generates special offers depending on the needs of the individual customer.

Conversion rate optimization is meant to increase profits, revenues or conversions. Apart from that, conversion optimization will help you generating useful data for customer profiling. The campaigns generate analysis specifying the niche and techniques you can use to target your given niche.

CRO is all about testing things

CRO is all about testing things

With conversion rate optimization nothing is left to chance. It ensures that the best mathematical models are used to increase the probability of conversion. Optimizing a website for conversion means you adjust the on-site factors to convert a visitor into a buyer.

The best way to boost online sales and conversion rates is by optimizing your call to action. Your call to action should be displayed prominently. These can increase your conversion rates by more than double if done properly.

If you want to sell more, you have to build some form of trust with your customers. This is one of the major reasons you need credibility tools. Many studies have shown that when customers trust a certain business, they will keep buying again and again and will refer others.

Some studies have shown that adding a security seal to your home page can increase your sales by about 8%. When purchases are protected by bonds the conversion rates may increase by about 10.4%. Another way to build consumer trust is using reviews. Consumer trust is critical if you have to increase your sales.

To boost sales online, you have to keep your landing pages concise. Conversion rates may plummet if consumers are overwhelmed or distracted by cluttered landing pages. Consumers need information that directly relevant to their particular needs. You will boost online sales if you provide your customers with relevant information.

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How Important Is Social Proof To Your Online Business?

How Important Is Social Proof To Your Online Business?

Posted by on Dec 13, 2015 in Online Marketing | Comments Off on How Important Is Social Proof To Your Online Business?

If you are not using “Social Proof” in your marketing campaigns, you are losing money. A bold statement for sure, but what exactly is “Social Proof”?

Social proof is the concept of all human wanting to “belong” to something. They want to be where everyone else is positioned. Social proof is much more than just a simple testimonial in marketing today.

Let’s have a deeper look into “Social Proof”.

social proofing mattersTestimonials are a good thing to have in your sales process. People enjoy reading about others experience with a product they are trying to decide to buy. Most of these are chosen by the business and will be flattering. Celebrity testimonials are the Holy Grail when it comes to Social Proof.

Reviews are also like testimonials; but, may not be flattering. Facts are some people may not like the product or service. A bad review even amuses people.

Rating systems are a favorite of a lot of people. You hear about people wanting a “5 Star” experience. So many businesses have instituted ways for people to rate them and their offerings. Even one-star ratings are a good thing to have unless they are all you have.

There is the infamous “Like” and “+1” everyone is trying to get. The jury is still out if the person with 1,000 likes makes more than the person with just 100 though. Is it the one with the most wins?

There is also the “Buzz” about your product or service. Are other people talking about it? The adage, “All news is good news” when it concerns your product applies here. The more people talking about your product or service is a right thing.

These are the basics of Social Proof. Many businesses use these and combine them. They are to increase one important thing in a potential customer mind – Trust. People build trust be seeing others doing the same thing they are thinking about doing. Learn how to create trust online.

Ever see a commercial where it said, “I did it and you can too”? People don’t want to be the first one. Social Proof shows them others enjoying your product or service and why aren’t they.

Can you think of a business that uses any of these effectively?

Amazon is a prime example of using reviews and ratings to increase their sales. They have them on every product they sell. Have you ever read a review on Amazon?

Many companies have video reviews and reports with pictures. These seem to score higher points with most people. It helps them visualize and trust the review more. Have you ever watched a video review and not read the sales page?

There are video testimonials that score high with people. You have probably seen a video testimonial or two. Some of them are downright hilarious and get quite an audience. YouTube has plenty if you look for them. They are also shared on social media to get Likes and +1s.

Speaking of social media, do you have a presence there? Are you on Facebook and Twitter? Google Plus? LinkedIn? Many people look to see if any of their friends have anything to say about your product or service. These help to create “Buzz”.

Buzz is not the only thing that makes a successful campaign.

people queing for iphone 6 release

People queing for iphone 6 release

All these should be in your tools for persuasion. People want to keep up with the Jones’s. They want to know they are making a good decision. They want to feel like part of the group enjoying your product or service.
We are all in the persuasion business. Our ads need to persuade. They also need to produce trust we can provide what is promised. Consumers are not a trusting bunch. They need to be persuaded to take action.

Social Proof is a powerful persuasion tool. People will want to follow the herd. They want to buy your product or service so they won’t feel they are missing something. This is the true power of Social Proof.

Social Proof will help get the fence sitter to decide. We want them to decide in our favor. If just one person out of 10 is helped to decide in our favor from Social Proof – it makes a difference in our bottom line.

This all comes down to influence. The more people see of your product or service, the more influence you have over them. Like always, the best known gets the glory that may not be the best one. We see this happen all the time.

Can you now see why you are losing money with no Social Proof? The more Social Proof you can incorporate the better. Am I not sure there is such a thing as too much do you think?

Make sure you watch this great video to grasp this important concept:

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How to Improve Conversions and Generate More Leads

Posted by on Dec 10, 2015 in Local Lead Generation | Comments Off on How to Improve Conversions and Generate More Leads

A lead generation website is meant to stimulate the interest of your target market to your internet marketing business.  Through the website, you should be able to convince your target market to do any or all of the following – fill up a form, opt-in to your list of subscribers, call the contact number you have provided, or schedule a visit or an appointment with you.


You need lead generation to increase your prospects and eventually your goal is to convert your prospects as you paying customers. The website should therefore be able to drive high volumes of leads to increase conversion rate. You should optimize your website such that you just don’t get to earn volumes of leads but these are highly targeted or quality leads.Here are a few things you can do to improve conversions on your website: Your website design should be a balance between ease of use and professional appearance.

You need lead generation to increase your prospects and eventually your goal is to convert your prospects as you paying customers.  The website should therefore be able to drive high volumes of leads to increase conversion rate.  You should optimize your website such that you just don’t get to earn volumes of leads but these are highly targeted or quality leads.Here are a few things you can do to improve conversions on your website: Your website design should be a balance between ease of use and professional  appearance.

As the website is the first experience of your target market to your business, it should create a favorable impression on them. Statistics show that the best looking and easy to use websites are usually the ones with higher lead generation conversions. Keep your website simple but maintain the professional look.First impression lasts. This also applies to your lead generation website. Usually within a few seconds of experiencing your website, your target market will have already created their first impression from which they usually decide whether or  not they will consider your offer.  So make every second of their experience count.  These few seconds should already be able to impress your target market into buying from your business.Time is precious and therefore you should be able to respect the time of your target market in browsing your website.  Do not waste their time with fancy or flashy graphics that can only eat up and slow down the loading time of your website.  Your site visitors are most likely to      leave when your site is slow to load. Your visitors couldn’t care less about how flashy the site is, what matters to them more is how fast they can see what they can benefit from your offer.

Offer them something that is free and valuable. There’s some kind of an attraction attached to freebies that your target market is sure to take action when they can get something for free.  However, you have to make sure that the freebie you give away is of value to your target market; otherwise, you      will hardly get your desired result. Freebies that are useful to your target market can also initiate a favorable viral promotion of your business. Design your lead generation website in such a way that it will be able to attract quality leads for higher conversion. It can be a simple design but has all the elements to generate high volumes of quality leads.  A well designed website carries all the potentials to become your virtual cash machine and unlimited income generator. You just have to make the best use of it.

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