How Important Is Social Proof To Your Online Business?

How Important Is Social Proof To Your Online Business?

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If you are not using “Social Proof” in your marketing campaigns, you are losing money. A bold statement for sure, but what exactly is “Social Proof”?

Social proof is the concept of all human wanting to “belong” to something. They want to be where everyone else is positioned. Social proof is much more than just a simple testimonial in marketing today.

Let’s have a deeper look into “Social Proof”.

social proofing mattersTestimonials are a good thing to have in your sales process. People enjoy reading about others experience with a product they are trying to decide to buy. Most of these are chosen by the business and will be flattering. Celebrity testimonials are the Holy Grail when it comes to Social Proof.

Reviews are also like testimonials; but, may not be flattering. Facts are some people may not like the product or service. A bad review even amuses people.

Rating systems are a favorite of a lot of people. You hear about people wanting a “5 Star” experience. So many businesses have instituted ways for people to rate them and their offerings. Even one-star ratings are a good thing to have unless they are all you have.

There is the infamous “Like” and “+1” everyone is trying to get. The jury is still out if the person with 1,000 likes makes more than the person with just 100 though. Is it the one with the most wins?

There is also the “Buzz” about your product or service. Are other people talking about it? The adage, “All news is good news” when it concerns your product applies here. The more people talking about your product or service is a right thing.

These are the basics of Social Proof. Many businesses use these and combine them. They are to increase one important thing in a potential customer mind – Trust. People build trust be seeing others doing the same thing they are thinking about doing. Learn how to create trust online.

Ever see a commercial where it said, “I did it and you can too”? People don’t want to be the first one. Social Proof shows them others enjoying your product or service and why aren’t they.

Can you think of a business that uses any of these effectively?

Amazon is a prime example of using reviews and ratings to increase their sales. They have them on every product they sell. Have you ever read a review on Amazon?

Many companies have video reviews and reports with pictures. These seem to score higher points with most people. It helps them visualize and trust the review more. Have you ever watched a video review and not read the sales page?

There are video testimonials that score high with people. You have probably seen a video testimonial or two. Some of them are downright hilarious and get quite an audience. YouTube has plenty if you look for them. They are also shared on social media to get Likes and +1s.

Speaking of social media, do you have a presence there? Are you on Facebook and Twitter? Google Plus? LinkedIn? Many people look to see if any of their friends have anything to say about your product or service. These help to create “Buzz”.

Buzz is not the only thing that makes a successful campaign.

people queing for iphone 6 release

People queing for iphone 6 release

All these should be in your tools for persuasion. People want to keep up with the Jones’s. They want to know they are making a good decision. They want to feel like part of the group enjoying your product or service.
We are all in the persuasion business. Our ads need to persuade. They also need to produce trust we can provide what is promised. Consumers are not a trusting bunch. They need to be persuaded to take action.

Social Proof is a powerful persuasion tool. People will want to follow the herd. They want to buy your product or service so they won’t feel they are missing something. This is the true power of Social Proof.

Social Proof will help get the fence sitter to decide. We want them to decide in our favor. If just one person out of 10 is helped to decide in our favor from Social Proof – it makes a difference in our bottom line.

This all comes down to influence. The more people see of your product or service, the more influence you have over them. Like always, the best known gets the glory that may not be the best one. We see this happen all the time.

Can you now see why you are losing money with no Social Proof? The more Social Proof you can incorporate the better. Am I not sure there is such a thing as too much do you think?

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