Instagram Shopping opens in France and eight other countries.

Instagram Shopping opens in France and eight other countries.

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Instagram launches today its new offer for brands, Instagram Shopping. On the program, the possibility to tag products and integrate outgoing links, among others.

Instagram Shopping

With its 800 million monthly users, Instagram, despite its exceptional popularity and the attractiveness it arouses in many brands, remains a problematic universe for some companies to grasp, because of its “closed cup” side.

But the game could well change. After having launched and tested it for a year on the American market, the social network dedicated to photography launched its new Instagram Shopping offer in eight new countries, including France, on 20 March.

To understand the approach, which could well provoke a new rush of brands, Instagram, through Julie Pellet, Head of Development France and Southern Europe, puts some figures and data into perspective. Instagram attracts five hundred million daily users, mainly motivated to be connected to their friends and network, with very strong passions and interests. One of the main characteristics of the network is that it brings together many celebrities and allows its members to connect with companies and brands. Eighty percent of the community is already connected to at least one of the 25 million brands present on Insta, of which two million are advertisers. A very strong relationship with brands since two hundred million people visit a company profiles every day, two-thirds of whom are not followers of the said company.

Instagram Shopping will make mobile shopping easier

Instagram ShoppingLaunched today in eight new countries (France, UK, Canada, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia, and Brazil), Instagram Shopping offers the possibility to tag products and post outbound links to directly purchase the products in question on the brand’s website. Remember that to date, the only possibility to insert a link in Instagram content concerns only stories and is reserved exclusively for profiles with more than ten thousand followers.

With Instagram Shopping, the American network aims to improve the customer experience, make shopping easier by reducing the number of clicks and allow users to discover new products by adding tags. With this new feature, Instagram wants to give more time and information about a product, and therefore more attention to the buyer.

A matured launch with partner brands

Instagram worked confidentially with several brands to refine its offer and prepare this launch, including Clarins, Birchbox, La Redoute, Sephora and Le Slip Français. The offer currently only concerns physical products and will only target “organic” shopping without the possibility of boosting visibility by paying. It will be necessary to have a company account, to have a product catalog linked on Facebook, or with a partner like Shopify or Google. Then it will be enough to link Instagram shopping to its product catalog. Then, as we can tag a person, we can tag a product. Brands that use Instagram Shopping will have a Shop tab on their profile, and this will not be limited to the news feed.

According to Julie Pellet, the US experience has led to an increase in traffic on the brands concerned, as well as an improvement in the conversion rate. However, Instagram has no figures to report to support this indication.

Who would have thought only eight small years ago that the modest application of sharing filtered photos would become in a few years one of the most powerful e-commerce platforms of internets? The power of the image, again and again.

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Google and Twitter also banning Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies ads

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With the many adventures around Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, many web giants are adopting a cautious stance. After Facebook, it is the turn of Twitter and Google to provide for the banning of ads around cryptocurrencies.

Google and Twitter change the rules of the game. A few days apart, the two giants of the web announce that they will ban advertising on crypto-currencies. Terrible blow for Bitcoin?

Google has just updated its policy related to advertising services and decides to prohibit all advertising directly or indirectly affecting crypto-currencies. It includes buying currencies, but also advertising for portfolios and investment advisors, as announced by Scott Spencer, director of Google’s advertising division.

This means that when it comes into effect in June 2018, companies with “legitimate” offers will not be allowed to serve ads through Google advertising services, including AdWords, a service widely used by websites and blogs around the world.

bitcoin ads banned

Same position on the side of Twitter, which makes an identical decision. The social network plans to ban ads targeting the cryptomarkets as a whole. Information reported by Sky News, which indicates that Twitter is also changing its advertising policy in this direction, for implementation within two weeks. These new rules would be applied globally, in the same way as Google.

These series of measures opposing the democratization of cryptocurrencies are intended to protect Internet users from the various scams and other risky and irresponsible behavior reported in the past months. Many have relied on the Bitcoin outbreak to hope to earn money, and if it is true that some have become rich, there are many more losers. Web giants, therefore, prefer to adopt a cautious stance, as Facebook did last month.

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CryptoKitties, the cat-based Pokémon game that boosts Ethereum

CryptoKitties, the cat-based Pokémon game that boosts Ethereum

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In the wonderful world of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is not the only currency, a lot of you might have heard about Ethereum, whose financial boom is beginning to arouse the curiosity of crypto users and investors. The other competing and robust system called Ethereum is a decentralized data exchange protocol based on the same blockchain technology.

This Friday, approximately 14% of the total volume of Ethereum transactions came from an online game, according to the specialized site ETH Gas Station, as reported by Cryptos Monnaies FR.

Launched on November 28, CryptoKitties has since generated approximately $10 million in profits.

We already knew that the kittens had forever changed the face of the internet, now they are hitting blockchain technology and networks. Cryptokitties, a game built on the Ethereum blockchain that allows to buy and breed kittens against Ethers, seriously bottled the decentralized system: Cryptokitties currently represents 12% of the volume of all Ethereum transactions, causing delays and accumulation of unprocessed transactions!

A kitten named Genesis was even sold for more than $117,000, while others were worth several thousand dollars. According to Quartz, since the game’s launch on November 28th, more than $2.7 million has been traded on Cryptokitties. As of December 1st, according to Axiom Zen the studio that developed it, there would be 1 165 players.

80,000 cats exchanged

Cryptokitties are unique and come from five smart contracts Ethereum. Their particularity – as blockchain kittens – is to be decentralized. They are not stored on servers. These are digital objects that belong only to their owners, and these crypto collectibles are somehow immutable since even if the developers of the game disappeared, the kittens would still exist via their smart contracts.

This crypto-game is quite simple, it looks like Pokémon, but with cats: you have to raise them, breed them and exchange kittens with specific characteristics. Almost 80,000 cats were sold in ten days, the first one having left for 116,000 dollars (246 Ethers).

“We wanted to make blockchain technology accessible to the everyday user because we think it’s a key step in seeing the technology adopted,” said an Axiom Zen studio manager, creator of the game, at Bloomberg.

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Online music: Apple close to purchasing Shazam

Online music: Apple close to purchasing Shazam

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The music recognition system was one of the first applications launched on iPhone. It could be integrated into the Apple brand’s streaming offer.

We are talking about a deal worth 400 million dollars, or 340 million euros. Apple should announce on Monday that it has acquired the Shazam music recognition application, according to sites specialized in new TechCrunch and Recode technologies.

Shazam was one of the first music applications introduced by Apple’s App Store, and one of the most popular App.

Launched in 1999, this ingenious system previously used mobile phone messaging features to identify songs.

Expanding its streaming offer

By fully integrating this technology into its music offering, the Apple brand could multiply its streaming services. Shazam already allows you to buy a song on iTunes once it is recognized. According to the Wall Street Journal, this redirection would ensure about 10% of all digital downloads from Apple’s platform.

Apple has long been a champion of online music sales and is now lagging behind Spotify. The Swedish company understood much earlier the turning point of streaming, which gradually replaced traditional ways to consume music.

Half as many users as Spotify

Spotify claims 60 million users, compared to about 30 million for Apple Music. The group also plans to go public in 2018 and has just signed a cross-participation agreement with the Chinese company Tencent.

In this context, Shazam and it’s 1 billion claimed downloads are a prime target. Primarily since the service currently benefits from all streaming platforms, including Spotify and Google Play Music, which would give them about one million clicks a day, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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Car Drivers, this “diagnosis” OBD scanner will make your life easier

Car Drivers, this “diagnosis” OBD scanner will make your life easier

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Maintenance,small repairs management, reduction in fuel consumption … with automotive diagnostic devices such as OBD and OBD2 scanners, drivers can now get to know their vehicle better. Specialists give directions for use.

It is a small special 16 pin plug, often found under the wheel that changes the lives of many drivers since a few years. By plugging in and getting the data off the diagnostic socket in each car, the so-called “OBD handyman” for On Board Diagnostic has established a new relationship with their vehicle.

Automotive diagnostics to maintain your own car

an example of obd scannerOBD scanners or on-board automotive diagnostics provides access to all kinds of information by querying the car’s electronic computers.

How does it work? “The electronic part of a vehicle is composed of 15 to 20 boxes, computers. The latter interact with each other and with a large central calculator.

By connecting the diagnostic socket of the vehicle to an OBD box, a driver or a mechanic can collect information from the on-board computers, transmitted to a computer (via a USB cable connected to the case) or to a smartphone (wifi or Bluetooth thanks to a downloadable app ). This is extremely convenient when dealing with “small” maintenance operations. To get such an equipment, it will cost you between 50 and up to 3000$ according to a respected OBD Scanners review site.

The computer that is the most frequently queried is, of course, the engine. With this product, you access what is called the fault code. The software provides a technical description of the problem and then updates the dashboard display.

Facilitate maintenance and daily use.

There are quite a few advantages for users with multiple profiles. “The most cautious are just emptied their own vehicles. Those who want to do the maintenance of the injectors and their filters will have to take a more comprehensive version of the program.

Accessing the keys of the automobile diagnosis does not, however, replaces a mechanic and this has nothing to do with repairing, it is solely for diagnosing issues. “Our solutions allow to maintain a vehicle, not to modify the performance,” said the same interlocutor.

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What to look for in solar panels

What to look for in solar panels

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Things like solar panels are things you buy once in many years. Because of this, you hardly know a thing about them. All there is to go on is the information we get from adverts and sales agents. One problem about these, though, they all claim that their solar panel is the best.
Surely, that cannot be true. Either one of them is lying, or all of them are lying. So if the information from the adverts and sales agents are misleading, what should you go for?

Here are a couple of things that will help you get the best solar panel

Specify, which type exactly do you want?

Solar panels come in different types. Each type is suitable for a particular use. Now, you might know all the types there are, but you might not have a clue which one suit your situation. First of all, know what you want it for.

contractor installing photovoltaic panels on a roof

Is it back up to your house? Is it to run heavy machinery? Is it for lighting only? Once you have known the exact purpose it will serve, decide on the type you want. This will help you avoid having a panel that is inefficient.

Check for the efficiency of the panel

Efficiency refers to the ratio of the sunlight energy hitting the panel to the electrical energy it releases. It means that if the panel efficiency is 25%, then the electrical output will be just above 25%. Depending on the purpose it will serve, the efficiency will dictate the type of panel you will buy.

In as much as the efficiency is good, you will realise that as the efficiency goes high, the price rises too. So the disadvantage of efficiency is that you will have to pay more to get the highest of best efficiency.


It will dictate the brand, size and quality of the panel you will get. There is no way you can buy a panel that costs 1000 Euros when your bank account has 800 Euros. After you have looked at all the factors and decided on what you will want to buy, it all comes back to the price. If you cannot afford the best, go for the next best thing.

The warranty

It is one way of knowing the quality of panel you will be getting. Here is how to read manufacturers; manufacturers who are confident of their products will give you even more than five years of warranty. It is because they know that even in the next five years, the product will still be in good shape.
Companies that are not confident in their panels will give you a warranty that lasts a year or months since they know the product will not last for long. Therefore, when buying a solar panel, go for one that has warranty that lasts long.

The brand

This is not a very efficient way of looking for a panel. You will realise that only one product of a given company is actually effective. The remaining are not that good. For instance, if the company you like produces excellent electrical appliances, it does not mean that they will have the best panels as well. Look at the specifics.

Find more on solar panels for camping cars by visiting this Twitter Page and le site des panneaux solaires pour camping car !

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