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CryptoKitties, the cat-based Pokémon game that boosts Ethereum

CryptoKitties, the cat-based Pokémon game that boosts Ethereum

Posted by on Dec 13, 2017 in Technology | Comments Off on CryptoKitties, the cat-based Pokémon game that boosts Ethereum

In the wonderful world of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is not the only currency, a lot of you might have heard about Ethereum, whose financial boom is beginning to arouse the curiosity of crypto users and investors. The other competing and robust system called Ethereum is a decentralized data exchange protocol based on the same blockchain technology.

This Friday, approximately 14% of the total volume of Ethereum transactions came from an online game, according to the specialized site ETH Gas Station, as reported by Cryptos Monnaies FR.

Launched on November 28, CryptoKitties has since generated approximately $10 million in profits.

We already knew that the kittens had forever changed the face of the internet, now they are hitting blockchain technology and networks. Cryptokitties, a game built on the Ethereum blockchain that allows to buy and breed kittens against Ethers, seriously bottled the decentralized system: Cryptokitties currently represents 12% of the volume of all Ethereum transactions, causing delays and accumulation of unprocessed transactions!

A kitten named Genesis was even sold for more than $117,000, while others were worth several thousand dollars. According to Quartz, since the game’s launch on November 28th, more than $2.7 million has been traded on Cryptokitties. As of December 1st, according to Axiom Zen the studio that developed it, there would be 1 165 players.

80,000 cats exchanged

Cryptokitties are unique and come from five smart contracts Ethereum. Their particularity – as blockchain kittens – is to be decentralized. They are not stored on servers. These are digital objects that belong only to their owners, and these crypto collectibles are somehow immutable since even if the developers of the game disappeared, the kittens would still exist via their smart contracts.

This crypto-game is quite simple, it looks like Pokémon, but with cats: you have to raise them, breed them and exchange kittens with specific characteristics. Almost 80,000 cats were sold in ten days, the first one having left for 116,000 dollars (246 Ethers).

“We wanted to make blockchain technology accessible to the everyday user because we think it’s a key step in seeing the technology adopted,” said an Axiom Zen studio manager, creator of the game, at Bloomberg.

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Online music: Apple close to purchasing Shazam

Online music: Apple close to purchasing Shazam

Posted by on Dec 12, 2017 in Technology | Comments Off on Online music: Apple close to purchasing Shazam

The music recognition system was one of the first applications launched on iPhone. It could be integrated into the Apple brand’s streaming offer.

We are talking about a deal worth 400 million dollars, or 340 million euros. Apple should announce on Monday that it has acquired the Shazam music recognition application, according to sites specialized in new TechCrunch and Recode technologies.

Shazam was one of the first music applications introduced by Apple’s App Store, and one of the most popular App.

Launched in 1999, this ingenious system previously used mobile phone messaging features to identify songs.

Expanding its streaming offer

By fully integrating this technology into its music offering, the Apple brand could multiply its streaming services. Shazam already allows you to buy a song on iTunes once it is recognized. According to the Wall Street Journal, this redirection would ensure about 10% of all digital downloads from Apple’s platform.

Apple has long been a champion of online music sales and is now lagging behind Spotify. The Swedish company understood much earlier the turning point of streaming, which gradually replaced traditional ways to consume music.

Half as many users as Spotify

Spotify claims 60 million users, compared to about 30 million for Apple Music. The group also plans to go public in 2018 and has just signed a cross-participation agreement with the Chinese company Tencent.

In this context, Shazam and it’s 1 billion claimed downloads are a prime target. Primarily since the service currently benefits from all streaming platforms, including Spotify and Google Play Music, which would give them about one million clicks a day, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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Car Drivers, this “diagnosis” OBD scanner will make your life easier

Car Drivers, this “diagnosis” OBD scanner will make your life easier

Posted by on Jun 7, 2017 in Technology | Comments Off on Car Drivers, this “diagnosis” OBD scanner will make your life easier

Maintenance,small repairs management, reduction in fuel consumption … with automotive diagnostic devices such as OBD and OBD2 scanners, drivers can now get to know their vehicle better. Specialists give directions for use.

It is a small special 16 pin plug, often found under the wheel that changes the lives of many drivers since a few years. By plugging in and getting the data off the diagnostic socket in each car, the so-called “OBD handyman” for On Board Diagnostic has established a new relationship with their vehicle.

Automotive diagnostics to maintain your own car

an example of obd scannerOBD scanners or on-board automotive diagnostics provides access to all kinds of information by querying the car’s electronic computers.

How does it work? “The electronic part of a vehicle is composed of 15 to 20 boxes, computers. The latter interact with each other and with a large central calculator.

By connecting the diagnostic socket of the vehicle to an OBD box, a driver or a mechanic can collect information from the on-board computers, transmitted to a computer (via a USB cable connected to the case) or to a smartphone (wifi or Bluetooth thanks to a downloadable app ). This is extremely convenient when dealing with “small” maintenance operations. To get such an equipment, it will cost you between 50 and up to 3000$ according to Wlap.org a respected OBD Scanners review site.

The computer that is the most frequently queried is, of course, the engine. With this product, you access what is called the fault code. The software provides a technical description of the problem and then updates the dashboard display.

Facilitate maintenance and daily use.

There are quite a few advantages for users with multiple profiles. “The most cautious are just emptied their own vehicles. Those who want to do the maintenance of the injectors and their filters will have to take a more comprehensive version of the program.

Accessing the keys of the automobile diagnosis does not, however, replaces a mechanic and this has nothing to do with repairing, it is solely for diagnosing issues. “Our solutions allow to maintain a vehicle, not to modify the performance,” said the same interlocutor.

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Time To Become Productive to please Your Project Manager

Time To Become Productive to please Your Project Manager

Posted by on Apr 5, 2017 in Main | Comments Off on Time To Become Productive to please Your Project Manager

A project manager can either make or break projects. Their ability to prepare for, intervene with or take control of an unexpected situation can bring a project to great heights.

On the other hand, their disregard and complete inactivity can completely derail what should have been a very successful project.

For managers who believe they have become careless and often lazy when it comes to their projects, believe it or not, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

There are managers that are very productive while maintaining their laziness. There are certain techniques, allowing the lazy soul to enjoy the comfort of their chair while achieving their project goals.

There’s lots of truth in this quote

“Progress isn’t made by early risers. It’s made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something.”

– Robert Heinlein

project management done right

Here are some tips for gaining progress while maintaining your lazy mode:

The Pareto Principle

This principle, also known as the 80/20 rule, is a theory maintaining that 80 percent of the output from a given situation or system is determined by 20 percent of the input. Quite simply, the majority of sales within a company are due to a small number of customers, not the majority.

Therefore, instead of trying to put all your energy into swaying the majority of customers, concentrate on the 20% that could be the most profitable.

Intelligent Delegation

To successfully delegate, you must understand its principle. It takes brains and a good deal of focus to transfer well. Being precise and clear about your intentions will get what needs to be done, done.

productivity at workGoals and tasks must be defined individually and followed up by authorization. As you will be delegating various tasks to your team members, you are responsible for delegating the necessary authority. Each team member must be given the power of organization and the resources needed to complete the job.

Once members are assigned their responsibilities, it’s up to you to oversee how things are moving along and if everyone is on the right track.

The most important elements of the good delegation are in choosing the right individuals with the right tasks. Knowing each team member, their unique skills, and their expertise will help you decide on the best member of the best project or task.

Assigning tasks randomly will usually lead to disaster because the right person is not being assigned to the right task, choose well. Appreciate and reward your employees for the hard work they put into their tasks. True appreciation leads to greater motivation down the road.

Automation Is The Friend Of Lazy Men

Technology and tools are the great eliminators of problems and too much effort. There are many advanced soft-wares developed for management that will simplify many situations. Data can be accessed with ease, updating and sharing in real time is a breeze.

Even while you are not in the office, you can oversee project updates by using a project management app through your mobile devices. All this can be done with high efficiency and fewer errors.

Planning Ahead

Day plannerThe sooner you start planning your project, the sooner you are going to reach your goals. It’s wiser to plan ahead, so all members are keeping up with the workflow in a smooth and efficient manner. You can always check to see if all progression is moving along as planned.

Do A Few Things Well

Taking on too many projects at once leads to mediocre results. Focusing on a few things will lead to a masterpiece.

No matter what you need to get done, you must put your all into it. Procrastinating will get you nowhere, Know what your peak hours of productivity are, what time of day is your level of concentration at its height. Some people truly work better in the midnight hours while others are more focused in the early hours of the morning.

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What to look for in solar panels

What to look for in solar panels

Posted by on Feb 27, 2017 in Technology | Comments Off on What to look for in solar panels

Things like solar panels are things you buy once in many years. Because of this, you hardly know a thing about them. All there is to go on is the information we get from adverts and sales agents. One problem about these, though, they all claim that their solar panel is the best.
Surely, that cannot be true. Either one of them is lying, or all of them are lying. So if the information from the adverts and sales agents are misleading, what should you go for?

Here are a couple of things that will help you get the best solar panel

Specify, which type exactly do you want?

Solar panels come in different types. Each type is suitable for a particular use. Now, you might know all the types there are, but you might not have a clue which one suit your situation. First of all, know what you want it for.

contractor installing photovoltaic panels on a roof

Is it back up to your house? Is it to run heavy machinery? Is it for lighting only? Once you have known the exact purpose it will serve, decide on the type you want. This will help you avoid having a panel that is inefficient.

Check for the efficiency of the panel

Efficiency refers to the ratio of the sunlight energy hitting the panel to the electrical energy it releases. It means that if the panel efficiency is 25%, then the electrical output will be just above 25%. Depending on the purpose it will serve, the efficiency will dictate the type of panel you will buy.

In as much as the efficiency is good, you will realise that as the efficiency goes high, the price rises too. So the disadvantage of efficiency is that you will have to pay more to get the highest of best efficiency.


It will dictate the brand, size and quality of the panel you will get. There is no way you can buy a panel that costs 1000 Euros when your bank account has 800 Euros. After you have looked at all the factors and decided on what you will want to buy, it all comes back to the price. If you cannot afford the best, go for the next best thing.

The warranty

It is one way of knowing the quality of panel you will be getting. Here is how to read manufacturers; manufacturers who are confident of their products will give you even more than five years of warranty. It is because they know that even in the next five years, the product will still be in good shape.
Companies that are not confident in their panels will give you a warranty that lasts a year or months since they know the product will not last for long. Therefore, when buying a solar panel, go for one that has warranty that lasts long.

The brand

This is not a very efficient way of looking for a panel. You will realise that only one product of a given company is actually effective. The remaining are not that good. For instance, if the company you like produces excellent electrical appliances, it does not mean that they will have the best panels as well. Look at the specifics.

Find more on solar panels for camping cars by visiting this Twitter Page and le site des panneaux solaires pour camping car !

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The Bitcoin Craze – Learn Why BC are the Future !

Posted by on Feb 27, 2017 in Online Marketing | Comments Off on The Bitcoin Craze – Learn Why BC are the Future !

The stateless digital currency invented in 2009 is now worth over 1100$ for 1 Bitcoin for a market cap over 18 milion of transactions a day !

Despite its volatility, everyone from stock exchange to silicon valley technologists are starting to make move on the digital currency market.

Watch this video to know more about this :

Blockchain technology

This is essentially a giant record book of all transactions made in BC everyday ! Long story short it is to Bitcoin what the internet is to email, an electronic system on top of which you can build systems.

It’s adovcates praise BC as a cheaper, more transparent and more reliable than regular currencies.

If you want to start mining bitcoing today, there are a lot of places you should visit to get started today !

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Star Wars Products For Fans Of The Franchise

Star Wars Products For Fans Of The Franchise

Posted by on Sep 29, 2016 in Geek | Comments Off on Star Wars Products For Fans Of The Franchise

A lot of people are fans of the Star Wars movies, and there are a lot of different products that are based on the franchise. As you will learn, if you are a fan you can get a lot of awesome items for good prices online and at stores. Anyone that enjoys this franchise should continue to learn more.

Action Figures


There is a plethora of action figures available online!

The world of this franchise is full of characters that people love. So many of them were made into action figures, that most retail stores with a toy section have whole areas devoted to them. You can usually find the latest iteration of action figures locally, and online you’ll be able to find a lot of them from vintage sets especially when visiting Figurines Star Wars, Maquettes, Vaisseaux, Statues – Han Shoots First. Some people still even have unusual characters still in the box. You can always just get your favourites and put them up around the house if you don’t want to get the whole set and be broke!

Novels And Comics

Novels are a great way to learn more about the universe that the movies were set in and even more.
There are different timelines that are outlined in the books usually that show you where the story falls within the universe. This is nice to know about because you may not want to spoil anything that happened in the future or you may not like certain parts of the history that you can then avoid.

Star Wars comics are neat because they include a lot of nice art and they also are not that expensive if you go for the latest ones.

There are collector editions and those that are rare, but you can usually find even some of the older ones for cheap at comic book stores. Just like with any collectable, it’s all about looking around for what you need locally and at the store on a regular basis if you want to e able to build a collection. If you think you’re never going to find what you want, just give it time, and you are sure to at least find what you want online!

Posters And Miscellaneous Items

Who doesn’t want to have a cool poster on their wall whether they are a kid or adult?
There are different kinds of different characters, and you may even be able to get one printed online that contains your favourites. You may also be able to find things like party supplies, or board games because it’s such a popular and well-known movie franchise that there is merchandise out there whether there’s a new movie coming or not!

Look in the clothing section at your favourite retail store and you may even find some clothing based on it.

When you can buy Star Wars merchandise, you can enjoy the movies that much more.

This franchise is huge, and there are tonnes of fans so you can be sure merchandise will keep coming out. Keep an eye on the online retailers you like and look in places like toy sections in local stores for more.

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Undeniable the Rise of WordPress

Undeniable the Rise of WordPress

Posted by on Sep 28, 2016 in Technology | Comments Off on Undeniable the Rise of WordPress

Undeniably, WordPress is world’s Number 1 content management system. Bloggers and top global brands use WordPress to manage their blogs and websites. Thousands of plugins and themes make WordPress, the number 1 choice of the people Because of its simplicity, easy installation and customization.

WordPress.org Self-hosted

WordPress is an open source platform and takes a couple of minutes to get installed. There are 35,681 WordPress plugins, which are available on the web. On December 18th, 2014, WordPress 4.1 version was released and downloaded 12,334,180 times, and the still number of downloads is constantly growing.

WordPress 0.70 was launched on May 27, 2003, and till date, there are 103 WordPress versions have been released. WordPress 4.1 is the latest version of WordPress CMS.

WordPress is dominating CMS market by capturing 66% of the market share. Recent data reveals that 74.6 million websites use WordPress CMS technology. Other contenders like Joomla, Drupal, are very far behind in the competition.


WordPress.com Blogging platform

If you have a blog on wordpress.com, you should be proud to know that 409 million people view 17.8 billion WordPress posts each month. Every month, 49.8 million posts are published in WordPress.com with 61.5 million comments. A statistical report states that in every second, almost six posts are published in WordPress.com. If you are a non-English author, don’t get worried because WordPress hosts their blogs in 120 different languages.

WordPress VIP Network

Global brands like TED, CNN, UPS, GIGAOM, Facebook, Techcrunch, MTV, SONY MUSIC and much more use WordPress to manage their websites and blogs. WordPress has a special division called “WORDPRESS VIP ” to help global brands to get the best of WordPress. In 2014, WordPress had enlisted 350 new clients to their VIP NETWORK, performed 31,000 changes and reviewed more than 1 million lines of codes.

WordPress Accessories

WordPress.org offers a collection of 3,019 free and premium themes. Most popular themes are Twenty twelve with 1,581,766 downloads, Twenty fourteen with 785,308 downloads and Twenty Thirteen with 1,133,784 downloads.

There are 35,910 plugins available in WordPress plugin directory. Akismet is the most downloaded WordPress plugin of all time with 27,809,432 Downloads. Other popular plugins are Contact form 7 with 23,800460 downloads, All in one SEO Pack with 21,626, 426 downloads. Developers around the world are working day and night to contribute more plugins.

Open source platform, fast and easy installation, easy to understand user dashboard, freedom of customization, reasonable development cost, Seo friendly, thousands of plugins and themes make WordPress the CMS giant of the recent time. If you are a blogger or a business or a corporate giant, WordPress serves almost every component that you need to complete your goal on the web. Every detail has been described in the infographic below. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

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Internal Linking is the Bread and Butter of On-page SEO!

Internal Linking is the Bread and Butter of On-page SEO!

Posted by on Sep 6, 2016 in Online Marketing | Comments Off on Internal Linking is the Bread and Butter of On-page SEO!

t doesn’t matter what your opinion is on links; the fact is they’re a major element that can influence a site’s position for better or worse. There are two types of links that help with this, internal and external. For this first segment, we’ll be focusing on just internal linking.

What are internal links?

adding link using wordpress cms

Adding link using wordpress CMS

Internal links are the surprise, links that point from one page on a website to another page on the same internet site. Do you have the main navigation?

Congratulations you’ve also got internal links. But those are site-wide, meaning visible from every page. Any pages that are deeper in the site will most likely not be linked to from every page and will need some help in getting some visibility. There are a few things you can do, one is to add more internal links to them so individuals and search engines viewing your site will find them, the other is to build external links to them. But we’re talking internal linking for now. We’ll get to external links in a bit.

Why are internal links necessary?

First off, they help users and search engines find content deeper in your site. Having the main navigation, and even sub navigation is great, but chances are you’ve got content deeper than 2-3 pages on your site. These deeper pages in the site (the ones that most likely have detailed product information) aren’t linked to sitewide and need some visibility.

In addition to getting more visibility, linking to internal pages is a way of telling the search engines which pages have valuable information users would want to look at. Think of internal linking as a way of saying “Here are the pages on our site we feel important and valuable to potential customers”. And just like we’ll learn with external linking, it’s important to use a variety of anchor text and use them within the related content.

Internal links also help in structuring the information architecture of a site.

How and when do you use them?

categorie tiered linking

Categorie tiered linking

So you’ve got internal pages that need some exposure. What’s the best way to link to them internally? Well, there are a few ways:

One way is to link to those pages from a blog post. The best example I always refer to when explaining internal linking in a blog post is Outspoken Media. The content flows makes sense, and never comes across as spammy. If you want to do the same, when you add some internal links in blog posts the links have to make sense, both as a reference and grammatically.

Another way is to do what I referenced in the previous section, is to mention that page from another page. For example, if your site has product pages it would be a good idea to add a section below the focused product on that page called “related products”. In that section, you would link to the products/services that are relevant to the product/service on the initial page.

One more way to make use of internal links is to link to other pages mentioned in a summary page.

For example, if your site didn’t have a sub navigation page the summary of services or products page for that section of the site would be a good way to link to more relevant services or products found elsewhere on your site.

Another possibility is to run a contest. Now I’ll admit, this can also take on multiple avenues of promotion, but if you’re company is running a contest and pushing it socially, buying ads and even pushing a link building campaign to promote it, you should also be linking to it and the correlating pages internally. It’s awesome to run a contest and gain more visitors or consumers, but you also want to drive that traffic to particular pages while they are on the site. People and search engines follow links, so if you’ve got the content or product on your site, link to it!

A few things to keep in mind

Now, before you go adding links, there are a few items to watch out for.

One, don’t over-saturate a page with links. Whether the links are internal or external doesn’t matter. There’s no reason to add links to a page for the sake of adding links. If it makes sense add the link, if not don’t. Do you need to add some links to a page to link to other pages? Write some new content that is about the content on that page as well as to the page you’re about to add the link to.

Pages overrun with links not only distract users from digesting the content, but they can also cause topical dilution. A big contributor to this is the “related” link section seen on many websites. Retail sites are notorious for this. You saw the while browsing a particular product or section of a website below the main content is a “related products” with links to some products that are related while others aren’t quite as in the same category. It can be effective when used properly, just make sure the items being pulled to be shown as “related” help strengthen the focus of the page/section of the site rather than take away from it.

What are some tools to help?

If your site is big enough or is growing in that direction, you’ll need some help in keeping track of the links. The last thing you want to run into is a bunch of broken links.

Here are a few tools we use:

Broken Link Checker for WordPress

This plugin scans your WordPress site on a regular basis to check for broken links. When it finds an error it notifies you by email; it also has a counter at the dashboard that will display the number of broken links you’ll see when you log in.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool

There are two types of downloads of this nifty tool. The first one is the free version, which scans up to 500 URI, and the paid version which removes the limit providing a tonne of data. You can use the free version and scan areas of your site by entering in the section of the site you want to look at, but in my opinion, its well worth the purchase. If you don’t want to buy it, that’s okay; there is a tool out there that will scan the entire site without any limits for free.

Xenu Link Sleuth

This tool will scan your entire site report back status codes of pages and show you what pages the links are on. I’ll admit, the user interface isn’t nearly as clean as the Screaming Frog tool, but it gets the job done.

These tools are merely tools. They can’t do the job for you. After you’ve cleaned up, any broken links go through the site yourself or have someone else do it.

Ask them if the links within the content make sense. Internal links are roadmaps to the content within your site, plain and simple. But they’re also only part of the puzzle when it comes to moving your way up in the search results.

Additional video:

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Civilian Drone Usage is Booming!

Civilian Drone Usage is Booming!

Posted by on May 24, 2016 in Technology | Comments Off on Civilian Drone Usage is Booming!

Drones have a long history of military use and development. However, these unmanned aerial vehicles have made their way into the civilian sector. The introduction of drones into the private sector has been a source of controversy as to their legality, regulation and various safety concerns. Despite these concerns, unmanned aircrafts have provided many opportunities to civilians in the areas photography, recreation, science, security and search and rescue.


DJI Inspire drone in flightOne of the benefits of uavs is their ability to get into areas and heights that a human may have limited access to, or that may pose a physical threat or danger. The use of drones in photography/videography opens up a wide array of shot locations and angles not accessible to most photographers previously. These include aerial shots, for example. With the use of the drone, aerial shots of cities, crowds, and nature can be taken by any photographer/videographer. Another example of the drone’s use by photographers/videographers is in the documentation of disasters, natural or otherwise. Drones have been used to catch images and videos inside the long abandoned nuclear disaster city if Chernobyl. While the area is not safe for human access, a remotely piloted aircraft system can penetrate the area and minimise health risks. Drones are also able to get into places in nature that are not possible to humans. They can scale cliffs, waterfalls, archaeological sites, and so forth for amazing images that would otherwise not be possible.


While unmanned aerial vehicles often conjure up images of rough and tough military use, to the everyday civilian hobbyist and aviation aficionado, drones are mainly high-tech model aeroplanes. Flying drones by civilians are used as a source of recreation, relaxation, hobby and past-time A simple internet search will show drones for hobbyist ranging from several hundred to tens of thousands of dollars. Droning clubs, online forums and magazines exist for hobbyists to research and discuss drone technology, flying, and maintenance and repair.

Science and Research

Drones have proved to be valuable in many aspects of science and research. One of the more prominent areas of research drones have a had a major impact on includes weather and meteorology. Drones have the ability to fly into storms, specifically hurricanes, and measure data throughout different heights and locations in the storm. The drone can collect data from a hurricane while it is still out at sea. Remotely piloted aircraft systems have also been used for research in wildlife management, wildlife migration patterns, and pollution monitoring.


Drones are being used for civilian and commercial monitoring and security. Uav’s can cover a large area and can be used for home security, commercial security and livestock monitoring. Law enforcement also uses drones for surveillance to aid in preventing and solving potential crimes.

Search and Rescue

The area of search and rescue has greatly benefited from the ability to use drones in the quest to find and rescue lost civilians. The unmanned aerial vehicle can cover a far greater area than a human team on foot, and it can search more efficiently and pervasively than aeroplanes or helicopters. The uav can fly through inclement weather and also lower through trees, cliffs and canyons, or areas that have been damaged via flood, avalanche or fire. Drones are also able to locate lost swimmers more quickly using thermal technology, and can even drop a life-preserver to the swimmer in need.

Drones currently serve many promising uses to civilians. Being an active focal point research and technological development, drones will continue to play an integral part in civilian lives in the areas of photography, recreation, science, security, search and rescue and with new uses and purposes continuing to emerge.

Follow Quadricopters news through Amateurs de Drones – La Communauté française du Drone and on their Twitter Account!

Make sure you follow your local rules!

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